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Gravity Die Casting based analysis of aluminum alloy with

202011 · The aluminum alloy (AC4B) has 3–5% grains and that acts as a grain refiners in order to grow more. The C4B in AC4B alloy enables the grains to closely

: T. Sathish, S. Karthick

Characteristics of aluminum AC4B with variations of silicon

201988 · Aluminum is used as a matrix because of its lightweight, ductile, and low melting point. In this reserach, the effect of adding silicon nitride on characteristics of Al

: A. A. Faisal, A. Zulfia [PDF]


then deslagging in the molten aluminum and Si 3N 4 mixture. The melt was then poured into a mold that had been preheated at 400°C, followed by water cooling process. AC4B / Si