VoiceAdapt use case finalized

Four different use cases and perspectives on the VoiceAdapt platform are presented. Herein two patient’s, the therapist’s, and a relative’s perspective are discussed. The document serves as a concept to understand and empathize with the three user groups’ realties and needs.

VoiceAdapt requirements report finalized

VoiceAdapt aims at developing an intelligent personalization and adaption engine for persons (older adults) with aphasia (PwA), caused by acquired brain injury (e.g., stroke). To ensure to meet the target groups’ needs, an iterative development and evaluation process will be applied. One important first step within the project was to identify potential end users’ needs. […]

VoiceAdapt project handbook, quality and risk management plan finalized

The project handbook identifies the different bodies of the project and articulates the responsibilities. It explains internal, external communication procedures, document distribution based on templates, time and resource control against the deliverables and progress reporting to the JPI secretariat. Risk management requires identification, control and recording of risks, highlighting of the consequences and the management/mitigation […]

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